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The 'herbal extra products have been specially formulated to suit skins with excessive sebaceous gland activity, resulting in a greasy, oily surface. The texture of the skin is coarser, due to the dilated pilo-sebaceous canals, or pores. It is more subject to comedones as epidermal cells and sebum combine to form blockages.

Oily skin attracts and holds dust and dirt more readily, with a likely increase in surface bacteria.

Hormonal changes, especially those experienced during puberty, may stimulate the sebaceous glands into over-secretion of sebum. Apart from these endocrine influences, over-exposure to damaging climatic conditions, or harsh cleansing, are other factors which can stimulate excess sebum production.

Cleansing is especially critical for such skins. However, care must be taken not to strip away too much sebum, because the skin in fulfilling its protective role will then only trigger off even more sebum production.

This vicious cycle can often be seen in adolescents who wash excessively with harsh soaps. Clients must be encouraged to restrict themselves to cleansing only twice a day. Over time, the skin will settle and become more balanced.

While the skin does not require extra oil, the products are designed to maintain a more natural oil balance.

As the production of excess sebum comes under control or declines over time, clients may be able to begin using the 'marigold natural' Moisture Day Cream as a lighter moisturiser. In time "Herbal Extra" clients may tend to progress to the whole 'marigold natural' range, while retaining some 'herbal extra' products for extra control during oily flare-ups.

The 'herbal extra' range makes full use of the herbal extracts which have a calming, antibacterial, ant-inflammatory action. Camphor oil is used for its astringent, oil-inhibiting, calming, and antibacterial properties.

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